Tuvalu Ship Registry: Our Vision and Mission

About us

The Government of Tuvalu has appointed the Tuvalu Ship Registry as the Authority to issue all certificates necessary for a vessel to sail and trade under the Tuvalu flag. Its responsibilities include:

  1. The registration and licencing of vessels
  2. The certification of seafarers
  3. The inspection of vessels to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards
  4. The recording and discharge of mortgages

Our Vision

To elevate Tuvalu's Maritime status to world standards, through providing quality client-focused services, using the best available technology, and ensuring that there is always available staff and facilities needed to carry out its functions properly, thereby providing owners with high quality service which they can rely on.

Our Mission

To work with all its stakeholders such as the Government of Tuvalu, shipowners, classification societies and the shipping community to ensure the safety of Tuvalu ships and keeping the marine environment clean for our future generations.

Quality Statement

To provide customer-focused services to the international maritime industry, while emphasizing on quality rather than quantity.