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MC-2/2024/1 China MSA Special Action to Prevent Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Failures on Ships
MC-1/2024/1 Security Threats in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
MC-1/2021/1 Guidelines on Remote Port State Control Inspection for Tokyo MOU
MC-5/2020/1 Amendments of 2018 to MLC 2006
MC-4/2020/1 Managing Statutory Surveys & Certificates, ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006 and FSI during COVID-19
MC-3/2020/1 COVID-19 Business Continuity Notice
MC-2/2020/1 Extension of Seafarers’ Employment Agreement Service Period and Certificates of Endorsement due to COVID-19
MC-1/2020/1 Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)
MC-4/2019/1 Guidance for Port State Control on Contingency Measure for Addressing Non-Compliant Fuel Oil (including FONAR Form)
MC-3/2019/1 2019 Guidelines for Port State Control under MAPROL ANNEX VI Chapter 3
MC-2/2019/1 2019 Guidelines for Consistent Implementation of the 0.50% Sulphur Limit under MARPOL ANNEX VI
MC-1/2019/1 False Piracy Information
MC-7/2018/1 US Sanctions Against Syria
MC-6/2018/1 Shipboard Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy
MC-5/2018/1 Approval of Viking Liferaft Type S30 for Extended Service Intervals
MC-4/2018/1 Guidance on the development of a ship implementation plan for the consistent implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit under MARPOL ANNEX VI
MC-3/2018/1 US Sanctions Against Iran
MC-2/2018/1 IMDG Code Revised Emergency Response Procedures for Ships Carrying Dangerous Goods (EmS Guide)
MC-1/2018/1 Sanctions Against North Korea
MC-7/2017/1 Reporting of Marine Casualties and Incidents
MC-6/2017/1 IMO Advice to Port States on Required Updates of ECDIS
MC-5/2017/1 Reporting of Incidents of Piracy and Armed Robbery against ships in the Gulf of Guinea
MC-4/2017/1 Guidelines on Maritime Cyber Risk Management
MC-3/2017/1 ECDIS Guidance for Good Practice
MC-1/2017/1 Notice of Fraudulent Ship Registries & STCW Certifications
MC-6/2016/1 Consideration for Certificates & Endorsements not meeting 2010 Manila Amendments from 1 January 2010
MC-5/2016/1 Implementation of Electronic Certificates for Vessels
MC-4/2016/1 Changes to the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
MC-3/2016/1 Ballast Water Management Convention
MC-2/2016/1 Mobile Offshore Unit (MOU) Safety Certificate
MC-1/2016/1 Amendments of 2014 to MLC 2006
MC-3/2015/1 Electronic Certificates of Endorsement
MC-2/2015/1 Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007
MC-1/2015/1 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
MC-2/2014/1 Recovery of Persons from Water
MC-1/2014/1 Revision of Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
MC-8/2013/1 Procedures for Lay Up
MC-7/2013/1 Reminder for Security Related Training for Seafarers
MC-6/2013/1 Reporting of Inadequate MARPOL Port Reception Facilities
MC-5/2013/1 Prevention of Garbage Pollution by Ships - Marpol Annex V
MC-4/2013/1 Monitoring and Control of Oil Discharge
MC-3/2013/1 Documents Required for Ship Radio Stations & Renewal of Ship Radio Station Licences
MC-2/2013/1 Paris & Tokyo MOU Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery
MC-1/2013/1 Energy Efficiency on Ships
MC-28/2012/1 Guidelines on Stowaways
MC-27/2012/1 List of Crew
MC-26/2012/1 Guidance Notes for Entries for Official Log Books
MC-25/2012/1 Implementation of SOLAS XV and the IP Code
MC-24/2012/1 Notice of Intended Entry into Port
MC-23/2012/1 Automatic Identification System (AIS)
MC-22/2012/1 IMO Unique Identification Number Scheme for Ship / Company / Registered Owner
MC-21/2012/1 Guidelines for Carrying out Annual/Intermediate/Renewal Surveys outside Window Period
MC-20/2012/1 Anchoring in the Vicinity of Malaysia Territorial Waters
MC-19/2012/1 Inmarsat Services under the Point of Service Activation (PSA) System and Radio Accounting Authorities
MC-18/2012/1 Guidance on the Issuance of Multiple International Load Line Certificates
MC-17/2012/1 Principles of Watchkeeping
MC-16/2012/1 IMO Performance Standards for Protective Coating (PSPC)
MC-15/2012/1 Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements for MARPOL
MC-14/2012/1 Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) for Tuvalu Vessels
MC-13/2012/1 Guidance for Implementation of Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006)
MC-12/2012/1 Provisions for Seafarers Wages
MC-11/2012/1 Requirements for Minimum Hours of Rest
MC-10/2012/1 Onboard Complaint Procedures
MC-9/2012/1 Health & Safety Issues for Seafarers under the Age of 18 and Hazardous Work
MC-8/2012/1 Standards for Seafarers Recruitment and Placement Services in Non-convention Countries
MC-7/2012/1 Standards for Accommodation, Recreational Facilities, Food/Catering, and Water on board Tuvalu Ships
MC-6/2012/1 Guidance for Special Purpose Ships (SPSs)
MC-5/2012/1 Approval, Maintenance, and Servicing Requirements of Life-Saving Appliances and Equipment for Tuvalu Vessels
MC-4/2012/1 Class and Statutory Certification Requirements for Passenger Ships
MC-3/2012/1 Guidance to Recognized Organizations on the Issuance of Certificates on behalf of Tuvalu
MC-2/2012/1 Approval of Shipboard Equipment and Service Providers
MC-1/2012/1 Guidance for Non-convention Vessels
MC-17/2011/1 Systems Using Halons & Other Ozone Depleting Substances
MC-16/2011/1 Requirements for Maintenance, Thorough Examination, Operational Testing, Overhaul and Repair of Lifeboats and Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances and Release Gear
MC-15/2011/1 Requirements for Carriage of Grain
MC-14/2011/1 International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code & Medical Oxygen Cylinder Requirements
MC-13/2011/1 Electronic Logbook and Record Book Systems
MC-12/2011/1 GMDSS Radio Logbooks
MC-11/2011/1 Guidelines on Safety During Abandon Ship Drills using Lifeboats
MC-10/2011/1 Guidance on Application for Exemptions / Equivalencies / Dispensations / Extensions
MC-9/2011/1 Guidance on Statutory Certificate and Approval of Documents
MC-8/2011/1 Contact Details for Recipients of Maritime Security Related Communications
MC-7/2011/1 Maintenance & Testing Requirements of Fire-fighting Systems
MC-6/2011/1 Harmonized Voluntary Arrangements for Ballast Water Management (BWM) in the Mediterranean Region
MC-5/2011/12/2 Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW)
MC-5/2011/1 STCW Amendments Coming into Force on 1 January 2012
MC-3/2011/1 Guidance on Marking of Tuvalu Vessels
MC-2/2011/1 Magnetic Compass Adjustment & Records of Deviations
MC-1/2011/1 Requirements on Carriage of Publications on board Tuvalu Ships
MC-14/2010/1 Fire Extinguishing Requirements for Paint & Flammable Liquid Lockers on Existing Vessels
MC-13/2010/1 Guidance on Fire Control Plans & Life-saving Symbols
MC-12/2010/1 Global Positioning Satellite System Equipment
MC-11/2010/1 Approval of Ship to Ship Transfer (STS) Operations Plan
MC-10/2010/12/3 Carriage of Firearms & Employment of Armed Security Personnel for Defense against Piracy
MC-9/2010/1 Mandatory Implementation of International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code
MC-8/2010/1 Guidance for the Recording of Operations in the Oil Record Book Part I – Machinery Space Operations (All Ships)
MC-7/2010/1 Type-Rating Certificate (TRC) for Deck Officers Serving onboard High Speed Craft (HSC)
MC-6/2010/13/3 Mandatory Requirements for ECDIS & BNWAS under SOLAS
MC-5/2010/1 Guidelines on the conduct of Port State Control (PSC) Inspections under revised Marpol Annex VI
MC-4/2010/12/2 Updates to Issues Relating to Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Waters off the Coast of Somalia and other High Risk Areas (revokes 35/2010)
MC-3/2010/12/3 Ship Security Alert System (SSAS)
MC-3/2010/12/2 Ship Security Level
MC-2/2010/12/2 International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
MC-2/2010/1 Guidelines Relating to the Implementation of SOLAS Chapter XI-2 and ISPS Code
MC-1/2010/12/2 Revision of MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code
MC-2/2009/1 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Oil & Oil Fuel
MC-1/2009/10/12/3 Failure to Apply for Tuvalu Crew Endorsements in Accordance to STCW Reg I/10.
MC-3/2008/1 Anti-fouling Systems Convention
MC-2/2008/11/12/4 Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT)
MC-1/2008/11/2 International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage, 2001 (Bunker Convention)
MC-4/2007/12/2 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
MC-2/2007/12/2 Medical Care On Board Tuvalu Ships and Ashore
MC-1/2007/1 Drawings to be Maintained onboard Ships & Ashore
MC-2/2006/07/09/10/12/5 Minimum Safe Manning Scale
MC-12/2005/1 Actions for Port State Control Detentions
MC-11/2005/1 Instructions for Flag State Inspectors
MC-10/2005/1 International Convention on Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage, 1992 (CLC92)
MC-9/2005/1 Authority of Recognized Organizations on Port State / Flag State Detentions
MC-8/2005/12/2 Flag State Inspections
MC-2/2005/12/2 International Safety Management (ISM) Code
MC-1/2004/1 P&I Clubs Accepted by Tuvalu